Technology Center (Research and Analytical Laboratories)- Bengazhi:

AOSG Management has decided to substitute the existing laboratory by a new building to establish the Technology Center (Research and Analytical Laboratories) in Benghazi Headquarters, with Building area 575 m2 with investment budget estimated 1,750,000.00 USD. 

AOSG & OFI Testing Equipment in Houston, TX entered into agreement for Supplying/ Training/ Operating – Equipment/Personnel for the Technology Center & Analytical Laboratory in Benghazi to provide the following services in Libya:


  • Research & Development

  • Evaluation of drilling fluids according to API and OCMA specifications.

  • Corrosion testing at elevated temperature and pressure.

  • Development of New Formulations and Products

  • Product development

  • System development

  • Real time rig support

  • Rheological testing suspensions, polymer solutions.



Warehouse: Benghazi

20,000 sq. m covered area, new hanger, firefighting system underground, laser lighting, three huge sledge doors, automatic fans,  2,000 sq. m open yard area, concrete foundation. Two high capacities 60, 80 MT forklifts, one loader.