Well-Bore Technology Solution (WTS)

DD, LWD, and MWD: 

AOSG offers a full range of directional services which include straight-hole drilling, conventional displacement, horizontal, multilateral, underbalance applications, reentries and open-hole side tracks. DDC also has the expertise and tools for use in high temperature/high pressure applications, oil-based fluids and air drilling projects. DDC stocks tools to work in all hole sizes ranging from 4 3/4 inches to 12 1/4 inches and can provide equipment for other hole sizes as required.

AOSG utilizes measurement-while-drilling (MWD) surveying technology to determine the well path and its position in three-dimensional space. MWD is a valuable tool that can establish true vertical depth, bottom-hole location, and orientation of directional drilling systems.           


Down hole &Drilling Tools:

AOSG has perfected high-performance down-hole tools for whole enlargement, torque reduction and drag resistance improvement. Operators throughout the world rely on these special tools to improve the efficiency and lower the total cost of drilling and production programs.

AOSG. Is committed to providing its customers the highest quality of down hole tubular and associated accessories on rental and sells basis of, value-added engineering services and operational support while maintaining our industry’s highest health, safety, environmental standards and providing solutions for drilling motor problems


H2S Safety Services:

 AOSG add value to our customer´s operation, by enhancing a safe work environment and an operation without any incidents related to H2S and other toxic gasses. Our services are provided with due consideration to our company philosophy, when dealing with safety no compromises can be made