Integrated Fluid Services (IFS)

Drilling Fluid Solutions, Systems and Products:

Our special products have been designed to deliver high performance and value to an array of oilfield fluids. AOSG sales and service engineers possess a wealth of applications expertise while the knowledgeable technical service staff is always ready to provide immediate support from our mud laboratories. AOSG products are never far away.               


Completion Fluid Systems:

AOSG specializes in the development of high-temperature additives for oilfield brines and completion fluids. From dry powder to rapidly hydrating and homogenous liquid additives, AOSG provides our customers with the DIF performance require in the production zones. 


Solids Control Systems and Products:

Since 2004, AOSG has been providing Solids Control and Dewatering Equipment to our customers, by focusing on each customer’s problems, AOSG has become more than an original equipment supplier and we have become a sophisticated and trusted solutions provider. As a result of this focus, AOSG services can now be found in most of NOC & IOC.        


Cuttings Management:

The collection and distribution of drill cuttings and associated materials plays a vital part in offshore waste-handling. Efficient can be integrated with a range of equipment and assembled in multiple configurations to meet the needs of any rig quickly and simply.


Fluids Processing:

AOSG offers a different systems to meet our customers individual needs; 3 types of Liquid Mud Plants with pump able capacity from 1500 BBL (238 m3) to 5000 BBL (795 m3), and 5 types of Packaged Mud Recycling, Mixing Systems with cleaning capacity of 65 GPM (245 LPM) to 1500 GPM (5,680 LPM), Vacuum Trucks Trailers for oil & gas. A Bulk Plant silo platform on the jetty head provides silos (capacity 110 m3 and 135 m3).            


Waste Management Solution:

Our environmental services include, Audit, Waste collection, Non-hazardous waste treatment and recycling, Hazardous waste treatment and recycling, Industrial services, Spill response, Management information and Training and consultancy.


“We Are Focused on Our Customers”

Alamia oil services group equip our customers with the systems and technologies that enable them to meet their needs at every stage of the process of drilling through ensuring efficient and profitable production. We provide drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance by anticipating fluids-related problems, fluid systems and specialty tools designed to optimize wellbore productivity, production technology solutions to maximize production rates.